HireTablets Now Extends its Reach to the Gulf

Good news for Emiratis, Hiretablets.com – the biggest supplier of rental iPads and laptops are now extending their reach to UAE.

UAE is a powerful location for business. It is one of the most developed nations in Asia and Mid-East and is where commerce and technology go together. For this reason, we are proud to announce that Hiretablets.com is opening up a Branch in Dubai – Hiretablets.ae – starting today, 26th February 2015.

HireTablets.ae - Website screen grab
HireTablets.ae – Website screen grab

With a new website, specifically targeted for Emiratis, our services of providing the best iPads and laptops will be now available 24/7 across UAE. Emirates will now be able to rent iPads and laptops for events, conferences or for personal use. We have the spirit to satisfy a single user and the courage to please a company that needs more than a hundred iPads/ laptops.

Customers in UAE looking for urgent delivery of tablets and laptop PCs can contact us today to get started. We have been the number 1 English brand over the internet when it comes to iPad rentals and we promise to deliver the same quality in UAE.

Get started by visiting our website: http://www.HireTablets.ae

HireTablets – Hire made easy!

Is Apple Going To Introduce a Bigger iPad Pro?

apple ipad pro

iPad, while being a revolutionary gadget, has made market investors and analysts ambiguous because when compared to best-selling flagship iPhone series, the sales are rather waning.

When we break down the stats, it seems sale of iPads, including the Minis, went down 7 percent by Q4 2014 and by 13 percent in Q4 2013. iPad sales suffered by 10 percent I the previous quarter and it was worse in the same quarter a year ago. Continue reading

Go Big This Fall – 5 Expensive Laptops To Look For

There’s no arguing that high-end laptops can be infuriatingly expensive. A good laptop indeed costs around £900 to £1,200 – sometimes even more! But the bright side is; these laptops are indeed good.

With one of these in your bag, you can be sure of getting a solid bang for buck. Pricey laptops come with elegant bodies with startling screens, high-end processors, speedy RAMs and big hard disks including solid state drives.

So, with without ado, here are 5 best laptops/ tablet PCs performance-oriented users need to look for this fall.


5. Lenovo Thinkpad X240


It’s the machine laptop owners love primarily because of their familiarity with Lenovo Thinkpad series. A Thinkpad can last up to 15 hours and is a powerful piece of machine. HD graphics, 128GB SSD and 8GB of RAM can be yours for £929.99.

If you’re unfamiliar with the series, you can hire one of laptops from Thinkpad series here.


4. Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Ultrabook


Yoga 2 is flexible, featherweight, fast and famous. Lenovo Yoga comes with 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD and 13.3 inches QHD screen – all this in £1,199.


3. Alienware 17


While the cheapest deal for XBOX One and PlayStation 4 can be measly £350, gamers loyal to PC take no substitute and make no compromises – even if it means popping £1,598 for a laptop. If you love Far Cry4 and CoD: Advanced Warfare, and want to see those drooling visuals on your laptop, this high-performer is just for you.


2. 15-inch Macbook Pro


The tag of £1,599 is never too much for an Apple product. The value you get afterwards is totally worth the spending. And now is the perfect time to spend on a Macbook Pro. This machine is powered with a 2.2GHz i7 processor and colossal 16GB of RAM.


1. Microsoft Surface Pro 3


A hybrid machine from Microsoft which directly competes with iPad – MS Surface Pro 3 is a perfect blend of laptop’s specifications and tablet’s portability. Surface Pro 3 can last up to 9 hours and offers 8Gigs of RAM along with half TB drive.

You can own this portable office in just £1,549.



The All-New HP Sprout – Beware the Revolution PC Fanatics

HP sprout | How HP sprout works

Computer geeks and PC enthusiasts still believe Apple turned the game half a decade ago with its iPhone and later with the iPad. But this new offering from HP will blow computer fans away.

HP has recently introduced a rather bizarre PC named “Sprout.” The device will trade keyboard and mouse for a large touch-pad and a projector.

HP sprout working

So how exactly will this new “PC” work?

Sprout will have a 23” touchscreen with an interactive “touchmat.” It will be powered by i7 processor and run on Windows 8.1. Whether or not this will be Windows 10 compatible remains to be seen. The projector will use 3D camera to scan objects which will be displayed over the screen. The 3D scanned objects will also be interactive. For typing, a software based keyboard can also be used.

Initially, it will be launched in the US this Sunday and priced at a $1,899. People of the United Kingdom will be able to get their hands on it shortly after at around £1,180. Pre-orders are now available.

This PC of the next generation is what HP calls “Blended Reality” because of its ability to scan and display interactive images and objects with its RealSense 14.6 MP Camera. If you have heard of Microsoft’s Xbox Consoles, this RealSense camera works just like Kinect.

Sprout will have 20 point sensors which will assist in software-based keyboard typing. The device will also come ready with Evernote, Skype and Dreamworks apps for editing and social sharing.

How people will respond is yet to be seen but Eric Monsef – the project leader – seems to be excited about it and so are we.

Brief Samsung Ativ Book 9 Review

samsung ativ book 9

Apple’s MacBook comes to mind when elegant designs and gorgeous body is the consideration but this time, Samsung has borrowed a thing or two from its rival Apple and delivered a laptop that is though around average in its performance, it is absolutely brilliant in its design and its shiny looks.


The new ATIV Book 9 comes with metal chassis and extra polish. The look is classy and Continue reading

Back from the Dead – PC sales Rise Once Again

Pc demands and price higher then beforeThe gurus of market and research prophesied the fall of PCs at the hands of tablet PCs. Since the day Apple introduced its revolutionary iPad, things began to become somewhat troublesome from PC market. Everyone thought with the arrival of tablet PCs, good old conventional PCs will fade into black – “not today” say PCs.

Research has shown that sales of PC have once again risen and this time, they have beaten the expectations of previous quarter. According to the researching firms, American and European PC makers have Continue reading